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Each dynasty has eight Characteristics: cleverness, greed, loyalty, militarism, popularity, scheming, tenacity, and tradition.

Cleverness: A Dynasty’s overall ability to overcome trouble and adversity using intelligence, ingenuity and problem-solving skills.

Greed: A Dynasty’s hunger for wealth, power and resources as well as its likelihood to act aggressively to acquire them.

Loyalty: The cohesive strength between the Dynasty’s members and the management heads of its organization.

Militarism: The Dynasty’s skill and focus on combat assets and training, as well as the willingness to use them against their rivals; offensively or defensively.

Popularity: How well-liked the Dynasty is in the eyes of the average onlooker from a common populace.

Scheming: The Dynasty’s ability to use guile, underhandedness and plotting to get the better of rivals, acquire power and get around legal obstacles.

Tenacity: The strength of purpose and general stubbornness of the Dynasty.

Tradition: The Dynasty’s adherence to the ways of their ancestors and the likeliness that these “old ways” will survive, mostly, unchanged through the generations.

Each characteristic is ranked from 2-12 at start. Each point costs its value in build points. For example, if you want all eight characteristics to have a 10 score, you must spend 80 build points. Remember to save some build points for things other than characteristics!


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