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A dynasty has management assets that make the decisions. These are more than the specific people in management; it’s more like the position. For example, a media empire might have a board of directors as its management asset. The people on the board come and go over time, and aren’t that important. They’ll be dead soon enough, and someone else will sit in their chairs.

Each dynasty archetype has a different set of choices of management asset:

Conglomerate: heroic leaders, overlord, board of directors, command staff

Media Empire: overlord, matriarch/patriarch, board of directors. theocrat

Merchant Market: heroic leaders, matriarch/patriarch, board of directors, command staff

Military Charter: theocrat, heroic leaders, command staff, overlord

Noble Line: heroic leaders, overlord, matriarch/patriarch, theocrat

Religious Faith: command staff, heroic leaders, theocrat, overlord

Syndicate: command staff, board of directors, overlord, matriarch/patriarch

Each management asset has a different cost, and each offers unique abilities. See Traveller Dynasty for more details.

management assets

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