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DYNASTY: Nova Roma

100 Build Points

Characteristics: -65
First Generation Bonuses: -10
Boons: -20
Hinders: +0
Management Assets: -5


Cleverness 15 (+3)
Greed 9 (+1)
Loyalty 12 (+2)
Militarism 9 (+1)
Popularity 6 (+0)
Scheming 4 (-1)
Tenacity 4 (-1)
Tradition 6 (+0)

-65 Build Points

Nova Roma is naive in some ways (hence a lower Scheming score) and a bit timid (lower Tenacity). While it tends to be an organization based on bureaucracy and tradition because of its United Nations history, it has a growing current of militarism and loyalty due to the UN armed forces it inherited.

Largely controlled by corporate interests, it is often focused on profit and opportunity (high Greed). Above all, it has generous scientific resources and access to the world’s intelligentsia (high Cleverness).


Megalopolis. Nova Roma’s real power base comes from the cities and nations that back it.

Characteristics: +1 Fiscal Defense, +1 Technology, –2 Culture
Aptitudes: +2 Bureaucracy, +1 Economics, +1 Public Relations, +1 Research


Merchant Market Nova Roma is controlled by powerful megacorporations that influence the world government through lobbying and bribery.

First Generation Bonuses

A Republic in Good Fortune: +1d6 Wealth (+3)

-10 Build Points


Culture: 0 = Greed+1 + Popularity+0 + Charitable Causes+1 + Megalopolis-2
Fiscal Defense: 5 = Greed+1 + Loyalty+2 + Megalopolis+1 + 1
Fleet: 3 = Loyalty+2 + Militarism+1
Technology: 4 = Cleverness+3 + Tradition+0 + Megalopolis+1
Territorial Defense: 4 = Loyalty+2 + 2

Includes bonuses from Power Base and Boons.


Acquisition 1
Bureaucracy 2
Conquest —
Economics 3
Entertain —
Expression 0
Hostility —
Illicit —
Intel 0
Maintenance —
Politics —
Posturing —
Propaganda 1
Public Relations 2
Recruit 0
Research 1
Sabotage —
Security —
Tactical —
Tutelage —

Includes bonuses from Power Base.


Hinder: Charitable Causes

+1 Culture

The Dynasty must constantly deal with the fact that much of its local image is based on how charitable it is towards local causes. Any Public Relations Aptitude checks the Merchant Market makes with an Effect of 5 or 6 is actually considered one lower.

Boon: Vaulted Technologies

–10 Build Points

The Dynasty has spent a great deal of money and influence ensuring that their products are always using the utmost technological advances. The Merchant Market imposes a –4 DM on any Aptitude check that targets their Technology Trait.

Boon: Naval Escorts

–10 Build Points

The Dynasty has market control over the assets of the local naval forces, giving them good stellar escorts to protect their investments as they float across the cosmos. The Merchant Market imposes a –1 DM on any Aptitude check that could reduce their Populace or Wealth Values.


Board of Directors. Once per turn, reduce any two traits by a single point each in order to add 1d6-2 (minimum of 1) points to their values.

-0 Build Points

Command Staff. Spend a single point of values at any time to add a +4 DM bonus to any aptitude check that does not directly target the dynasty’s Morale.

-5 Build Points


Morale: 12 = Loyalty+12 + Popularity+0 + Culture+0

Populace: 8 = Tenacity+4 + Tradition+0 + Technology+4

Wealth: 20 = Greed+9 + Cleverness+3 + Fiscal Defense+5 + A Republic in Good Fortune+3

Example Dynasty

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