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There are 20 different aptitudes. Mainly, these represent things that the dynasty can do or an action the dynasty can perform. These actions take 2-12 months to complete.

Each aptitude is described below with several examples of possible actions a dynasty can take using that aptitude.


Procure physical things.

  • Gather resources or rare materials.
  • Secure a specific artifact or unique object possessed by another Dynasty.


Function inside the world of big business and corporate industry.

  • Adjust wages to the desires of management and its members.
  • Hire appropriate executive staff.
  • Incorporate the military.


Steal resources, power, or territory from others.

  • Claim neutral territory or resources.
  • Invade another dynasty’s territory and claim it.
  • Start a war with another dynasty.


Handle investments, purchases, wealth, and monetary funding.

  • Invest wisely for the future.
  • Make heavy short-term profits.
  • Recognize fiscal trending.
  • Usurp invested wealth from rivals.


Increase quality of life, mood, and loyalty for members. Attract outsiders to an alliance or peaceful notion.

  • Attract new allies.
  • Hold benefactor gala event.
  • Maintain member mood and loyalty of members.


Demonstrate the dynasty’s worldview to outsiders.

  • Intimidate rivals.
  • Make the public understand what the dynasty is doing.


Crush rivals with direct and violent action.

  • Attack rival territory with ambush combat agents.
  • Support terrorism that targets rivals.


Act immorally or outside the scope of the law.

  • Organize street thugs and other criminals into a cohesive profit source.
  • Run a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.
  • Smuggle illegal resources.
  • Steal industry data from rival.


Seek out and decipher information.

  • Learn a new fact.
  • Reveal a secret about a rival.
  • Verify rumors or gossip.


Ensure the proper functioning of the dynasty.

  • Continue positive reinforcement toward members.
  • Quell troubles within the members.
  • Stop funding leakages.


Participate in the world of government, and manipulate and influence it.

  • Adjust legal codes to better suit goals.
  • Create co-existence with local government.
  • Set governing agents to investigate rivals.
  • Turn local government against an enemy.


Intimidate others to back down using social pressure and psychological leverage.

  • Intimidate others to do your bidding.
  • Scare away potential threats.


Use gossip, media, and rumor to sway the public.

  • Create a damaging controversy.
  • Make the people believe false stories.
  • Run a smear campaign.

Public Relations

Deal with people earnestly through difficult problems without coming off as dictatorial.

  • Increase public opinion of the dynasty.
  • Teach the people to work with the dynasty.


Increase loyal membership in the dynasty.

  • Hire a team of high-profile specialists.
  • Hold a massive drive for members.
  • Make counter-offers to a rival workforce.


Explore ideas of higher technological advances and understand alien technologies.

  • Copy scientific data from rival.
  • Invent a new technological marvel.
  • Invent new weapon technology.
  • Utilize new science in controlled industries.


Harm rivals with dirty tricks and underhanded attacks.

  • Begin a proxy war between rivals.
  • Manipulate government through guerrilla action.
  • Perform industrial terrorism on a rival.


Protect secrets, defend territories, maintain the safety of the people.

  • Protect resources and assets from outside threats.


Succeed on battlefields and in theaters of conflict.

  • Cease an ongoing military action.
  • Move martial assets to prepare for war.


Learn new things and pass them onto later generations.

  • Apply new learning techniques to children.
  • Discover a new way to teach in the universities.
  • Focus on schooling deficiencies.


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