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This is a setting intended for the Traveller RPG, specifically the Mongoose Traveller RPG (MgT), though it’s probably suitable for any edition of the game with a little fudging.

If you’re not familiar with the game, download the free Introduction to Traveller from Mongoose Publishing.

For now, I’m running a Traveller: Dynasty game set in the early years of this universe. See Dynasties for more information.


The high concept is that future Earth, through a series of wars and schemes, has ended up re-adopting old Roman political and military ideas. Having invented technology that allows FTL “jump” travel to nearby star systems, New Rome is set on a mission to explore and colonize every world it can reach. Of course, New Rome will bring its own civilization, religion, culture, science, law, and government to these places, and as it turns out, almost every world they reach seems to be filled with people—mostly pre-star-travel people. Those pre-jump civilizations are easily conquered, but the Republic is stretched thin and a shortage of jump ships means that small vessels are being sent to the borders of known space with explore-and-conquer missions.

In general, this is a neo-Roman Republic possible future history, not a “Romans never fell” alternate history. I’m probably not going to bring in old Roman gods (except as names of starships, naturally) but at this time I don’t think I’m going to make the Vatican and Christianity a huge part of this.

Here are some links to other concepts I’m developing:


Here are a few things I’m linking for inspiration. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I have the first two Lt. Leary books on order.


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