Dynasty turns

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In Dynasties, play proceeds in turns. Each real-life turn last two weeks, but represents 30 years of game time.

Each turn, every player submits orders by email to novaroma2200@gmail.com and the GM reviews the orders, uses the Traveller Dynasty rules to adjudicate what happens, and responds publicly on the forums here. We’ll play this way until I decide that the game has ended.

Total turn length: two weeks
Player deadline: one week after the turn starts
GM deadline: one week after the player deadline

Order format

Each turn, submit an email with the following sections.

  • Dynasty. Please include the name of your dynasty so I know who you are. Provide a link to the dynasty on this website so I can find it easily.
  • Last Summary. Provide a URL that links to your last summary on the forum. You must have posted a complete Summary of the last turn before you may submit a new set of orders.
  • Goal. What Dynasty goal are you pursuing? Explain your strategy for achieving that goal and a reason why the goal is important to your dynasty.
  • Education. What three aptitudes do you want to pursue?
  • Wealth. Which aptitude do you want to check to influence your dynasty’s finances: Acquisition (-2), Bureaucracy (-3), Conquest (-4), Economics (-0), Illicit (-2), or Politics (-4)? Justify how you’re using that aptitude.
  • Morale. Which approach will you take to maintain the good will of your people: Directorial, Friendly, or Intimidating? Explain what you’re doing.
  • Maintenance. Yes/No. Do you want to try a Maintenance roll this turn?
  • Characteristics. If you had a successful Maintenance roll from the prior turn, you may alter some Characteristics. Let me know what you want to change.
  • Population. What kind of approach do you have for increasing your Population: Relaxed, Focused, Aggressive? How are you doing that?

For each section, include a brief description of the actions you’re taking. Keep it short. You’ll get to expound upon them later in your Summary.


You may also add links to setting elements you’ve created. Each setting element can be used once (ever) to gain a bonus to a die roll. Tell me how you want to use that element and which die roll you want to use it on.

You may include TWO +1 bonuses (to different rolls), or ONE +2 bonus (to a single roll),

Example Dynasty Order


The GM will post responses on the forum before the end of the GM deadline.

The response will include:

  • Dynasty. The name of the dynasty and a link to its page here.
  • Survival. Did your dynasty survive?
  • Goal. The outcome of your Goal, including rewards for success or penalties for failure.
  • Threats and Obstacles. 1-6 new Threats and Obstacles that arose during the turn.
  • Decade Events. Three new events that occurred during the turn.
  • Generation Upkeep, telling you how your dynasty changes in the 30-year turn
  • Education results. Did you improve any Aptitudes?
  • Wealth results. How did your finances change?
  • Morale results. How did your people’s morale change?
  • Population results. How did your population change?
  • Maintenance results. What changes must you make to Characteristics next turn?

Example Dynasty Response

Player Summary

Each player must take the GM’s the response and turn it into a summary that reads like a story or history. Post this to the Adventure Log so that everyone can enjoy it.

Players are encouraged to create characters, organizations, technology, and movements that support a summary. Be creative! Each new element you add can be used for a single +1 die modifier later on.

Example Dynasty Summary

Dynasty turns

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