Creating a dynasty

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A dynasty is a powerful organization, family, or philosophy that shapes the universe over time. Dynasties are incredibly powerful and are greater than the people who control it at any moment. They will die eventually, and new people will step up as leaders. The dynasty lives on. Successful dynasties last for centuries, even millennia. Unsuccessful dynasties die off in decades, or even years or months.

A dynasty is defined by:

Example Dynasty


Dynasty creation follows the rules in Traveller Dynasty. Specifically, use Method 2: Point-Based Generation on page 5. Spend 100 build points on characteristics, first generation bonuses, dynasty boons and hinders, and management assets.

But I don’t own the rules!

If you do not have the rules, email me a basic description of the dynasty you want to create, and then I will create it for you. You’ll need to tell me the concept, archetype, power base, management assets, and which (characteristics are most important to you. I’ll do the rest. You’ll have to live with what I give you, though. If you want maximum flexibility, buy the rules and create your own dynasty from scratch. It’s a lot of fun!

Creating a dynasty

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